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Metal Roofing Installer West Hollywood, Florida

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Metal Roofing Company, West Hollywood

For over 13 years, we have been serving South Florida as a certified roofing contractor. Specializing in Miami- Dade Hurricane Metal Roofing Systems. We are Miami-based and locally owned. We operate in West Hollywood, Florida in Miami-Dade County.

We also serve the following areas: Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Lake Forest, Avon Park, Miramar

MMR Reviews

“I would definitely recommend miamimetalroofing.net Roofing. Their prompt response to my calls was appreciated as well as their professionalism. “10/10!”

"This company is a pleasure to work with. Their staff is kind, compassionate, prompt, efficient, friendly, and professional. They also answer my questions and are always available to help."

"Miami Metal Roofing, a general contractor and construction management firm licensed in Florida is able to provide innovative solutions that have won awards for its projects."

"Miami Metal Roofing is a great company to work with. When our roof had reached the end of its lifespan, they redid it in 2015. They were punctual and professional. Miami Metal Roofing can be called upon for all your commercial roofing needs. Superior roofing solutions are combined with outstanding customer service. You may rely…”

"MMR offers free estimates for residential and commercial roofing. From beginning to end, it was a great job. Their work was outstanding. They arrived on time and completed the job as promised."

Trusted Supplier of Metal Roofs In West Hollywood

Our roofers are all certified and trained to install the product. To ensure safety and quality control, we send field supervisors to every job.

We are local experts and understand how difficult it is to install metal roofing in West Hollywood. The roofing panels we offer are extremely durable, and have been specifically made to endure the extreme weather conditions in South Florida.

Your roof will provide protection for your home from hurricanes and tropical storms. Proper installation is crucial when it comes to metal roofing. We have everything that you will need to complete your project. Metal roofs have many advantages, but they must be installed correctly. Our roofing expertise and high-quality materials will help you avoid any leaks or damage from improperly installed roofs.

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Trusted Metal Roofers In West Hollywood

Metal roofing is becoming more popular. While asphalt and metal roofing both have pros and cons. It is expensive and time-consuming to replace a roof. Homeowners don’t want the hassle of replacing it in 10 years. So they opt for metal. The share of metal roofing in the US has increased from 4 to 12 percent over the last 15 years. As more homeowners realize the many benefits of metal roofing and especially those in Florida, where there is often inclement weather like Florida, this growth will continue.

Hurricane Metal Roofing can help you secure the financing that you require now, and provide the roofing service you need when you most need it. For more information, contact your sales representative.

Types of Panels

Advantage panels

These panels can be used for both residential and commercial buildings. They are weather resistant and durable. These panels are an economical metal roofing option that is low-maintenance and highly efficient in adverse weather. They are easy to install and can sometimes be used over existing shingles. This results in lower installation and disposal times than with other roofing options. You can choose from Steel or Aluminum.

R and PBR panels

These panels are stronger than traditional metal roofing and can be combined with sidewalls or metal roofing panels. Commercial buildings are more likely to use R-Panels and PBR Panels. You can choose from Steel or Aluminum.

Permatile panels

This metal roofing panel looks like authentic Mediterranean tiles and is very attractive. The highly resistant, lightweight metal roofing panels can withstand high winds and harsh weather conditions. They also have a Cool Color rating. EPDM washers are used to attach permatile panels to the roof to make it waterproof. They also resist mold and mildew. You can choose from Steel or Aluminum.

Benefits of Metal Roofing West Hollywood, Florida

You have many options for metal roofing panels. You can also give your roof an individual look with a variety of textures and shapes. A metal roofing company can help you to understand the options available to you when choosing a metal roof for your house or business.


How much does it cost to put a metal roof on a 2000 sq ft house?

For an example of a typical project, you can expect to pay between $19,000 and $33,000 for a new 2,000 sq. ft. or 20-squares metal roof fully installed on a typical house.May 12, 2021

How much does a metal roof cost in South Florida?

Metal roof cost could vary depending on a few variables. Type of metal: Metal shingles will typically cost $7.50 to $11.00 per square foot, including installation. Meanwhile, a standing seam metal roof might be slightly more expensive, costing between $9.25 and $14.00 per square foot.Dec 23, 2020

How much does it cost to put a metal roof on a 2000 sq ft house?

For an example of a typical project, you can expect to pay between $19,000 and $33,000 for a new 2,000 sq. ft. or 20-squares metal roof fully installed on a typical house.May 12, 2021

What is the price of metal roofing per foot?

Homeowners can expect metal roof prices to range from $5 to $14 per square foot depending on the type of metal roofing installed. A steel metal roof installation is the most common and on an $1,800 sq. ft home it would cost an average of $35,516. Other metal roof materials can be much cheaper as discussed below.

What does a metal roof cost?

As described above, the average cost of materials for a metal roof is around $12.00 – $13.00 per square foot, but that can definitely vary based on your area, the exact type of material you choose for your metal roof, and the idiosyncrasies of your property, and other environmental factors that impact the final metal …Mar 31, 2021

Is it cheaper to put on a metal roof or shingle roof?

A metal roof is often more expensive to purchase and install than asphalt shingles. … Since they last longer than asphalt shingles, you may not have to replace them as often, so it may be worth the investment to save money in the long run. With those factors in mind, a metal roof can be cheaper than shingles over time.Nov 16, 2020

How much does it cost to put a metal roof on a 2000 sq ft house?

For an example of a typical project, you can expect to pay between $19,000 and $33,000 for a new 2,000 sq. ft. or 20-squares metal roof fully installed on a typical house.May 12, 2021

What are the disadvantages of a metal roof?

Affordability. Metal roofs can be as much as two or three times more expensive than other roofing materials. … Noisiness. … Expansion, contraction and fasteners. … Inconsistency of color match. … Performance.